Our website is designed in German. Here, our English-speaking visitors will get some basic information about our publishing company as well as the possibility to order books from our offer.
Our publishing company specialises in the printing and distribution of archaeological and regional historical literature. Our extensive offer is divided into two categories: Verlagsprogramm (publishing program) and Verkaufsprogramm (sales program). In the Verlagsprogramm one finds literature published by our company, whereas the Verkaufsprogramm contains a vast number of archaeological and regional historical journals and books which we sell on consignment for other publishing houses.
  Frequent visitors to our website can quickly get a general idea of the newly published literature under the menu item Neu (new).
  Our business conditions:
  • Delivery is made exclusively by post and on account.
  • Please check the delivered books for defects immediately after receipt.
  • You have the right to return or exchange the delivered articles within 14 days after receipt of the delivery. In the case of incorrect delivery or defective articles the costs incurred are absorbed by the publishing company, in all other cases by the respective customer. The costs for the return delivery of the articles must be kept as low as possible.
  • Delivery of books from the publishing program to direct customers within Germany is free with a minimum order value of 60 EUR. The order numbers of these books have the cipher 1 in the first position.
  • For books from the sales program (consignment goods) packing and delivery fees are generally charged. The amount of these fees depends on the necessary expense for the packing and the respective postal rates. The order numbers of these books have the cipher 2 in the first position.
  • Books from the sales program (consignment goods) can only be ordered directly from the publishing company. A delivery through the book trade is not possible. The order numbers of these books have the cipher 2 in the first position.
  • Until payment, the delivered books remain in the ownership of the publishing company.
10% discount for
  • Permanent customers (subscription) of the series “Beiträge zur Ur- und Frühgeschichte Mitteleuropas“, “Alteuropäische Forschungen“, “Burgenforschung aus Sachsen“, “ZAKS“, “Stone Watch“ and “Curiositas“
  • Students on presentation of a valid student’s identity card (only for books from the publishing program)
  • Direct customers on subscription by the shown date (not valid for orders through the book trade)
  Please note that discount claims cannot be combined. We can only grant one discount per book.